17. Maio 2018 - 12:00

ARCO Lisboa'18, Portugal, Quinta, 17. Maio 2018

ARCOlisbon will provide the professional space and context to analyse and raise awareness of the wealth and diversity of the Portuguese art scene; a creative setting with a past, a present and a future that is especially dynamic and interesting.
Around 40 international art galleries selected by an Organising Committee will, either exclusively or as part of their programme, present artists capable of establishing an open and constructive dialogue with the Portuguese creative scene.

Hence, using a format of limited dimensions, homing in on the Outstanding Artist concept, ARCOlisbon will provide the perfect moment to present artists who dialogue with Portuguese creators and reflect the natural connections with Spain and Brazil, and with the different scenarios to have sheltered artists who were fundamental for the definition of Portuguese art.

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Quinta, 17. Maio 2018, Portugal, ARCO Lisboa'18

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