25. Abril 2018 - 15:00 até 22:00

Baile Maracujália - Crowdfunding Campaign, Portugal, Quarta, 25. Abril 2018

Oiôba is a start up brand for natural, positive and colorful souls ! The soul that loves sunrises and sunsets, plants and fruit, design and art, yoga and surf, music and PARTIES! Last year we started to produce our own event ... BAILE MARACUJÁLIA ! An itinerant, completely free and democratic party during the sunlight! Join us and help us grow this cultural movement, with more talents, bigger artists and better visuals!

Baile Maracujália has already 5 editions. We produced events in gardens, public squares, viewpoints and some really cool bars. We booked artist from 5 countries mixing national emerging talents with some established dj´s from around the globe. The first year of this event was a success giving people free access to culture and entertainment.

To grow our "baile" we had 2 options : start charging tickets or try to engage the city community into this campaign. We need your support to keep the party completely natural and free.

The collected amount will be totally reversed for the booking of artists, sound and visual structures. With your contribution we can promote art, creativity and culture through music and parties! Lets make things happen and turn our city more free and dynamic!

Quarta, 25. Abril 2018, Portugal, Baile Maracujália - Crowdfunding Campaign

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