12. Maio 2018 - 16:00

Beach Party Carcavelos, Portugal, Sábado, 12. Maio 2018

Hii there, this event was supposed to be a small get together. But since there are so many people interested - BTW thanks, folks, you rock! - We decided to go4All in this craziness! 🙂
So join us and let's combine that night with spontaneity, friendship, and good vibes...

Bring your booze, snacks, bring your guitars, your flutes, that square blanket too, bring your jokes, bring your dogs, your laughter, bring your songs, bring your kites, bring yourselves and friends to meet some more...

Get crazy, drink, smoke and have fun! Invite your friends and make this one **** of a night. Everybody will meet each other here so don't miss out.

Sábado, 12. Maio 2018, Portugal, Beach Party Carcavelos

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