Biodanza Summer Retreat, Portugal, 2018, Portugal, Terça, 28. Agosto 2018


Welcome to enjoy the magical hills of Monte Velho
and to join us on the journey of reconnecting to our true nature.

"There is no wi-fi in the pine tree forest, but we promise you will find a better connection"

«Nature is pleased with simplicity and nature is no dummy»
Isac Newton


We are four facilitators from different countries, and with different backgrounds, all inspired by the beauty and the sacredness of life.

Álvaro Ferreira from Portugal, Rachely Turtz from Israel, Frid Langsrud from Norway and Yvonne Koppes from Holland.

Summer 2017 we created our first Biodanza Summer Retreat in Paros, Greece. We had a wonderful international group of fourty people and we made a powerful, and for many people, transforming journey together.

Our desire is to make this a yearly happening, so we are very excited to welcome you again - on another journey - this time at Monte Velho Eco Retreat Center at the marvellous South East Coast of Portugal.

This year we will be surrounded by nature, as Monte Velho is located on the hills in the middle of the significant umbrella pine tree forest. We will have the most stunning view to the ocean where we can enjoy the breathtaking beaches.

We can feel the strength, the power and the presence of the elements; the earth, the fire, the air and the water.

We will use all our senses and see, smell, listen, taste and feel the beauty and the nourishment of the nature.

We come togehter in this temple of nature to reconnect to our true nature, to find back to our roots and to express more of our pure essence.

We are nature.

In Mote Velho the intention is to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth.


WELCOME to a sacred journey where we can discover even more of the secrets of nature, of life, of us......



We will start in the afternnon of Tuesday the 28th of August with an opening ceremony.

From Wednesday 29th of August until Saturday 1st of September
we will have mainly two vivencias during the day. One day it will only one vivencia for you to be able to integrate, relax and enjoy. You might stay at the center and just enjoy the close surroundings. Or you might exlore more of the beauty and the richness of the close beaches, the villages, the forest or anything you like....

We end the retreat Sunday the 2nd of September with a closing ceremony in the morning.


There are a lot of different options of accomodation and so the prices vary because of that. Starting from 435 € (mezzanine) to 610 € (double room with private bathroom - just a few). We also have a very few single rooms for the price of 785 €.

This price includes five nights accomodation, all the vivencias and two meals a day. The third meal is optional, adding 75 € to the amount.

Please see the web-page for a complete overview, or get in contact with us by e-mail.

First early bird price is before the 15th of December.

To assure your place you need to send us an e-mail and then to pay the full amount. Once you have paid, your place is assured. The payment is non refundable. In case you for a reason still can not come, you are very welcome to sell your place to someone else.

Please get in touch with us by e-mail before you pay, just to make sure all the details are understood.

For more information see our web-page:

For any questions, send us an e-mail: and we will be happy to respond.


Terça, 28. Agosto 2018, Portugal, Biodanza Summer Retreat, Portugal, 2018

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