22. Julho 2018 - 6:00

Boom Festival 2018, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, Domingo, 22. Julho 2018

Boom Festival is stepping into the potential of what human existence can be. It is a week of love, sharing, alternative culture, music and conscious living with people from all over the world... literally.

For first-time Boomers, the experience means stepping into another dimension, calling “home” a formerly unknown land, embracing a new family. Regular Boomers will tell you how this gathering changed their life, the joy they feel at every edition, knowing that they are coming back to something that holds a whole community together - shared values, shared ideals, shared ambitions for the future.

We live in uncertain and anxious times, we’re all looking for answers. More than ever in the recent history of mankind is important that we stay connected, understanding the other. There is a lot of light and wisdom in the world!

And Boom Festival goes way beyond a mere festival. It is a state of mind. It connects thousands of contrasting cultures and living beings, giving them a time and a place where they have the freedom to, not only hope about a more peaceful and united world, but also to actually do something to achieve it.

A true cultural melting pot, the gathering of the tribes where we embody and steer the tip of the arrow of evolution of human consciousness in a collective celebration that forwards us to a higher dimension of love, well-being and of simply being human.

See you at the Boomland!

Note about Boom 2018:

- The comfort of Boomers is our priority. That was the reason, for instance, for us to in 2016 decrease the capacity of the festival whilst increasing services and infrastructure.

It will be the second time that Boom will start in July (back in 2012 it started on the 28th July).

According to several reports and the World Meteorological Organisation the period 2011-2015 was the warmest five-year period on record globally and for all continents except for Africa. We have been witnessing it at the Boomland, towards the end of August the soil is more dry, there is less water in the lake, the temperatures are warmer.

Having you in mind and adapting to the external circumstances, in sync with the full moon from the 22th to 29th July 2018, you are welcome to co-create the 12th edition of Boom Festival!

- Tickets will be limited. We will not increase the amount of tickets available taking into consideration the best comfort for everyone. We understand that it can generate frustration for some Boomers but please keep in mind that we don’t value quantity over quality and more people at the land will automatically pressure the environment and the infrastructure more.

Thank you to every single one of you to be part of Boom

With Love and Gratitude,
Boom Team


Domingo, 22. Julho 2018, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, Boom Festival 2018

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