Freekuency 2018 - Next Gen Sound Area, Portugal, Sexta, 06. Abril 2018

For April 2018 Next Gen Sound will have a area where youth targeted workshops and artistic performances from audio to beyond can take place aiming to engage the next generation into the community. We are part of the wonderful long standing free festival 'Freekuency' who bring a unique annual event to the saturated festival market while maintaining free festival culture.

This area is fully run by the next lot of aspiring Artists, Technicians,
Managers and musicians.

We are bringing in the Kontribe Collective, bringing with them artists, equipment and decor for the area, Kicking things off Fresh on the start of there European Tour this summer.

Activities and Line up TBC.

Sexta, 06. Abril 2018, Portugal, Freekuency 2018 - Next Gen Sound Area

Sistelo Extreme Marathon 2018

Sistelo Extreme Marathon 2018

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Beach House at Coliseu de Lisboa

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