25. Outubro 2020 - 9:30 até 17:30
Marina De Oeiras
PortugalOeirasEstrada Marginal, Praia da Torre, 2780-267 Oeiras, Portugal

RYA First Aid, Marina De Oeiras, Domingo, 25. Outubro 2020

Our one-day course covers all the usual first aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages.

The subjects specific to boating include:

. the recovery position in a confined space

. CPR, including the drowning protocol

. cold shock and hypothermia fromimmersion and/or exposure

. seasickness and dehydration

. medical assistance or advice by VHF

. helicopter rescue

It fulfils the requirements for:

.professional skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven, including Boatmasters;

. the Senior First Aid certificate needed by offshore racers subject to ISAF's regulations on first aid training (OSR 4.08.4).

The course is recommended by the MCA and HSE.

Domingo, 25. Outubro 2020, Marina De Oeiras, RYA First Aid

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