18. Outubro 2020 - 8:30 até 16:30
Marina De Oeiras
PortugalOeirasEstrada Marginal, Praia da Torre, 2780-267 Oeiras, Portugal

RYA Radar, Marina De Oeiras, Domingo, 18. Outubro 2020

The Radar is probably the most versatile electronic device found onboard recreational boats. It's also a very common device in both sailing and powerboats and it's a valuable help for collision avoidance and navigation.

Nevertheless, it is only usefull if used by and experienced operator with adeqaute training.

This course supplies the knowledge and training to allow you get the most of this equipment with confidence.

During 1 full day, you will learn how to adjust the Radar, interpret the image, navigate and take action for collision avoidance. You will use a Radar simulator, in various scenarios that will allow to practise real life situations.

Course Topics include:

. Connecting the Radar;

. Interpreting the Radar image;

. Refining the image;

. Radar Reflectors;

. Radar and IRPCS - collision avoidance

. Position Fixing;

. Radar Pilotage.

In the course price it is included 1 support book (RYA Radar) and 1 exercise book (RYA Radar Exercises), as well as a certificate in the end, should you complete the program sucessfully.

Domingo, 18. Outubro 2020, Marina De Oeiras, RYA Radar

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