Sacred Journeys- Templar sites and the El Camino de Santiago, Portugal, Quinta, 26. Outubro 2017

Full Program or One Part

Lisbon - Tomar - Fatima - Almourol - Porto - Tui - Santiago de Compostela
13 (14) Days AUGUST 26th - SEPTEMBER 7th
You can participate in the FULL Program or PARTIAL Program

Questions and Registration - MICHELLE PACHECO
Contact me for details on payments and deposits.
(We need to secure the accommodation)

Portugal is a country of a very special energy. One of the oldest nation in Europe and it was founded in 1139 by the first king, *** Afonso Henriques, having the same defined borders since 1249, almost 800 years ago. The name Portugal first appears in 868, during the Reconquista over the Muslims. Lisbon is older than Rome - Around four centuries older to be precise.
As the rest of Europe has shuffled through ever-changing borders with various monarchs, empires, republics, and people’s democracies, Portugal has remained Portugal. In case you need more convincing, Portugal was also at the forefront of the Age of Discovery. Though that time was imperialistic and detrimental to Aboriginal societies, it contributed substantially to creating the world we know today.
Portugal is also the redoubt of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar Region contains some of the most intact and important Knights Templar sites in the world.
During this sacred journey, we will have the opportunity to discover together these special places, the culture, the history, the energy, and traditions.
Experiencing the path of the Templars we will have the opportunity to understand the history of Christianity in the past 1000 years and beyond.

We will visit a few of these sacred places, vestiges of the Templars and its famous center in Portugal, Tomar, where Gualdim Pais, laid in 1160 the first stone of the Castle and Monastery that would become the headquarters of the Order in Portugal.

Knights Templars - Places we will visit - video

El Camino di Compostela This walk explores the Camino Portugues / Portuguese Way, following the iconic Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous Way of Saint James. This Camino, which was used by Queen Isabel of Portugal in the 13th Century, heads north following the Atlantic coast of Portugal & Spain. The Camino Portugues gently winds along ancient tracks & paths, running through woodlands, villages, farmlands & historic towns. Every day, during the walk, you are guaranteed a high level of comfort and gastronomy. This section requires a reasonable level of fitness. However, it's a highly rewarding walk that includes numerous cultural highlights.

This pilgrimage was done by millions of people for centuries from the beginning of Christianity, also known by the English names St. James's Way, St. James's Path, St. James's Trail, Route of Santiago de Compostela and Road to Santiago, to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage is a transformational experience, unique, as it was shown in many books, movies, and testimonials of thousands of people who completed this pilgrimage.

Short Itinerary
August 26th
- Arrival in Lisbon - Accommodation in Turim Hotel ( breakfast included)
- Free time based on your arrival in Lisbon. Group meeting and dinner

August 27th
- Guided Tour of Lisbon with local guide
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos an impressive monastery and monument, Belém Tower, Costa del Sol towards the famous Palazzo Reale Sintra and a few stops in Cascais, Estoril si Cabo da Roca

August 28th
Departure from Lisbon - Fatima. On the way we will stop to visit beautiful Templar castles, citadels and shrines - Obidos - Tomar - Fatima
3 nights (August 28th - August 31st) Accommodation in Fatima. Double room occupancy with half board ( breakfast and dinner)

August 29th
The first part of the day we will visit Almourol Castle, Ourem Castle, Alcobaça sites and history.
- Later that day - Workshop and activities in Fatima in preparation for the El Camino pilgrimage. Visit Fatima Shrine

August 30th
- The first part of the day - Valinhos Fatima - pilgrimage, reflection, and meditation. Guided tour - The place where the angel appeared to announce the Virgin Mary apparition to three little children.
- Later that day - Activities and workshop in Fatima - preparation for the El Camino

August 31st - September 7th - Tui - Santiago di Compostela. We start the day early by bus transfer to Tuy, Spain, the place that marks the beginning of our pilgrimage. We will walk 110 de km. Hotels are reserved along the trail and the luggage (up to 15kg) will be transferred by the company we hired. We will be arriving Santiago on August 6th where we will spend the last night and here we will have our final dinner together.

September 7th - Santiago di Compostela – Madrid. Visit the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
Departure to Madrid or Lisbon. We will organize the transfers based on your request.

-Passport or EU ID Card valid for minimum 6 months.
-Deposit of € 300 for securing hotel accommodation. BEFORE JULY 13th
-The program can be modified at times if a special situation appears.
- The cost may change ( Less € 100 / € 200 based on the number of participants. (more than 15)

Quinta, 26. Outubro 2017, Portugal, Sacred Journeys- Templar sites and the El Camino de Santiago

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